September Check In

Craziness. So many potential posts . . .

First judging assignment: Mostly good; my course design needs improvement.
Bay Team: Argh. No byes for Ky, so no IFCS classes at Cynosport.
Instruction: Have two lines on potential barns for winter. Yay!
Training: Thumping on international skills with Ten along with the ubiquitous "please sort out what I want on the DW despite me" training. Working on Ky's teeter. Summer of threadles continues, though we are now on to push throughs as well as pull throughs. Lesson with Nancy: AWESOME again. Lessons with D coming up to polish for Nationals.
Periodization: Should be in competitive phase now. Cynosport is the big event to close the year. Then the girls are totally off until the Boston Terrier trial in Elma over NYE weekend. AKC Nationals comes early this year, but I'm confident that they'll be tuned up by the second weekend in March.
Puppy: Sigh. OCD. That was the big risk in this litter; he has it on both sides of the pedigree. I have to say, there isn't much sadder than a lame puppy. Presently I'm "watching and waiting" though I'm contacting our vet for a referral for surgery to discuss with a surgeon. I know surgeons cut, that's what they are made to do, but he is SO lame it makes it hard to just watch and wait.

I think that's the major stuff that needs recording.

Out to work on zig zags, letter o, and some double box!

Summer of 1000 Threadles Update

Ahhh. Better.

Ten's are still pretty dreadful. Her LOPivots to the backsides of jumps are looking crazy good though.

I was reluctant to train things that are "handling" but the more I work on these skills the more I'm happy with the results.

I've gotten response to the threadle cues from both girls on courses that indicate that they know what to expect when I suddenly freeze near a jump and call them. Ky is letting me get upstream once I commit her to the line. Ten is still going wide and shopping.

More work ahead. Just a progress report.

I'm a bad, bad, bad trainer

Mea culpa. From a conversation with a friend online:

Yeah, they don't but I got some excellent insight into what happens to dogs and humans WRT that this weekend.

I stayed for Snooker TO HAVE ANOTHER TEETER to bust.

That is the ONLY reason. Well, for Ten's run. Ky was the first 22" and Ten was basically the last.

There was a teeter. I had been bad the day before. I busted her on a qualifying run in standard for not waiting for release.

She stuck the first teeter in snooker like it was made out of glue.

When it was the six and we were three obstacles from being done?


I marked it.

So, I get it. Humans make bad decisions. Dogs have the same problems.


We are supposed to be the grown ups in these situations.

We being the humans.

Puppy Head

Six month old puppy head.

Still looks like a puppy. The girls kind of looked like dogs by now.

My current anxieties are a) he will be tiny and b) he will grow into those ears and be huge.

Yes, I'm perfectly able to have opposite fears all at the same time.


EO Final Setups and Some Benny Hill

More words in an edit later, running late this morning.

EO Large Final with alternate setups.
EO at Fairweather Corrected

Failed DW handling. "Thanks" to Loretta Meuller for the setup and the pulled glute. ;-)

EO Map CCRD below.

Begin Course Designer
Version 3
For a free viewer, go to www.coursedesigner.com/viewer
End Course Designer

4Pole Proof Sets

In order of my perceieved level of difficulty. Also the order I worked Ten in to get her to be able to do it at all.

Ky of course (given my doubts) failed once at the first one and then just did it.


Nasty nasty nasty weave pole proofing

Weave proofing

Working on poles this week. Well, since our time at Power Paws, really. Of all the things I did *not* expect to be embarassed about in public, weave poles were right up there. Yet both of my girls - master level weavers in my mind - failed some pretty important tests.

So, among my remedial skills work - poles. Being creative about how to bust them at home. This drill? This drill does it. I won't even try it with Ky who is currently experiencing some "sensitive shit". She'll be wrong. I know it. So I'm not going to do it. Ten? Ten is wrong over and over and over. I took it down to four poles; she is still utterly baffled and can't prioritize finishing the 4 poles over doing the jump.

Yes, of course. The answer is to move the jump farther away and work into it slowly, but I tellz ya, if you're looking for a way to up the ante on a really nice weaving dog so that you will believe you can do ANYTHING with poles? Try this on.

Or maybe it's just me . . .

The Summer of 1000 Threadles

Has begun.

These threadles:

Really inspired me. Not in a good way.

So this summer I will be attempting to actually train a threadle cue. Because as some smart person (or people) have said. There's not a damn thing about threadles that is natural.

1000 threadles: go. (Um, no, there are not 1000 on this video - I'm not that obsessive.)