tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

RHR Recap

Reasonable weekend overall with the dogs.

GP Q for Ky and the bye.
STP Q's for both girls.
Team Q's for both girls really not much thanks to me beyond team building skills.

Rave ran really nicely; super happy with him. No putzing out, all pretty good big boy running. Tire definitely needs work.

Ten, Rave, and Ky, all missed AF's over the weekend!! Part of that was Ann tested the RAF to a turn pretty hard, part of that is Ten and Rave needed work.

Teeters . . . the girls just have shitty teeters.

Yesterday did basically nothing - would have let the dogs have today as a recovery day as well but for the girls the clock is ticking for Nationals and for Rave I'd like to not just be flushing money at his AKC show next weekend. Doing enough of that as it turns out Ky is already qualified for Tryouts (easier than ever . . . huh), and Ten only needs 13 points for AKC Nationals having been off of AKC since July. Hopefully three days not really required. With any luck the courses will be a lot of fun and well worth the $$.

Today worked on AF's with Ten and Rave. Was pleased that a little reminder seemed to help Ten and that Rave changed his behavior with reward withheld with one failed rep.

Worked on the teeter with both girls with it lowered to about 12" to the pivot. Really, I think I suck at training teeters and maintaining my criteria in the ring. There's part of me that just wants to accept that I have fucked it up and stop kidding myself that I'm going to fix it.

Filmed a weave entry session with Rave. He has had a little trouble sticking the entry on 90 degrees to the "far" side of the poles, so I thought I'd make it hard and do short sets of poles. He was a good boy. Session below; commentary by Ky, classic falling on my ass by me. Someone told me I should be running barefoot last summer. This is why I laugh. I am a person who requires cleats if I expect to remain generally vertical.


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