tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

Keeping Records

Going to try to start doing some record keeping again. Nothing interesting for the world at large.

Cynosport is four weeks away. Working on spit polish with the girls.

Rave; just puppy stuff. Getting him confident with sends for the most part, and really challenging his weave entries here since he's struggling with them away from home.


Difficult soft side weave entries, proofing against motion that doesn't support pole completion.
Reinforcing DW end behavior.
Handling polish.


Working the verbal collection cue.
Light backsides.


Full speed pole entries which require independent collection.
Commitment to jumps.
Plain old practicing handling responses.
DW end behavior.

Sick right now; makes it easy not to over do.

This is my first week of not teaching anymore. It's more than a bit sad. I was sad to give up my students, and feel like I'm leaving them on their own, even though I know they're in good hands.

Meanwhile working on a consulting job today, along with course designs for a judging assignment in December and a seminar in October.

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