tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

Please help out if you can

Please help my friend Teresa Smith if you can. Even a small donation will help and be sincerely appreciated.


Teresa is one of the most hardworking and deserving people I know. About five years ago she was laid off from her job of 20 years, she had trouble finding another job so she started cleaning houses and doing odd jobs. She sold her condo and moved into a cottage on property in exchange for caretaking. She is always working to make ends meet. Zhoie's surgery and rehab are a significant financial hardship for Teresa, but there was never a moment where she considered not doing it.

Zhoie 300 dpi

Zhoie was running strong and fast in my class a week or two before her injury. If you don't know Zhoie and Teresa; they were an amazing team in agility. Zhoie was fast as anything, and she and Teresa really read each other's minds.

Give a little bit if you can. Truly anything helps.

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