tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

The n'awesome that is 22" poles plus DW hose game

Set up the 22" poles today. The girls are finished with their competitive season for the year, with just Nationals ahead.

Time to set up the 22" poles so they at least have a few reps before Nationals. They'll only practice (and as little as possible) on the narrow poles between now and then.

Gotta say - Ky, never a good weaver, looks AWFUL on her first shot at 22". She body slammed herself on the second pole, and her footwork was abysmal. Sigh. If I still had my 22" 2x2's I could at least build her up to the full set but as it is, I think it's just trial by fire. Poor girl.

Ten, no problem. In fact she looks a bit sharper still than she does at 24" which looks pretty sharp. Those front end angles she has may not be in vogue for agility dogs, but I think they do give dogs an advantage in the poles.

I've figured out I can use the hose for Ten's DW and suddenly she's making big breakthroughs. Ah. Well, of course who knows how those breakthroughs at this late date will hold up at Nationals, but she has had some awesome DWs lately, and some leapy ones. Hard to really think she "gets it" when her failure rate is still so high, but she does have enough really nice hits that I have to think there is SOME understanding happening.

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