tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

September Check In

Craziness. So many potential posts . . .

First judging assignment: Mostly good; my course design needs improvement.
Bay Team: Argh. No byes for Ky, so no IFCS classes at Cynosport.
Instruction: Have two lines on potential barns for winter. Yay!
Training: Thumping on international skills with Ten along with the ubiquitous "please sort out what I want on the DW despite me" training. Working on Ky's teeter. Summer of threadles continues, though we are now on to push throughs as well as pull throughs. Lesson with Nancy: AWESOME again. Lessons with D coming up to polish for Nationals.
Periodization: Should be in competitive phase now. Cynosport is the big event to close the year. Then the girls are totally off until the Boston Terrier trial in Elma over NYE weekend. AKC Nationals comes early this year, but I'm confident that they'll be tuned up by the second weekend in March.
Puppy: Sigh. OCD. That was the big risk in this litter; he has it on both sides of the pedigree. I have to say, there isn't much sadder than a lame puppy. Presently I'm "watching and waiting" though I'm contacting our vet for a referral for surgery to discuss with a surgeon. I know surgeons cut, that's what they are made to do, but he is SO lame it makes it hard to just watch and wait.

I think that's the major stuff that needs recording.

Out to work on zig zags, letter o, and some double box!

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