tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

I'm a bad, bad, bad trainer

Mea culpa. From a conversation with a friend online:

Yeah, they don't but I got some excellent insight into what happens to dogs and humans WRT that this weekend.

I stayed for Snooker TO HAVE ANOTHER TEETER to bust.

That is the ONLY reason. Well, for Ten's run. Ky was the first 22" and Ten was basically the last.

There was a teeter. I had been bad the day before. I busted her on a qualifying run in standard for not waiting for release.

She stuck the first teeter in snooker like it was made out of glue.

When it was the six and we were three obstacles from being done?


I marked it.

So, I get it. Humans make bad decisions. Dogs have the same problems.


We are supposed to be the grown ups in these situations.

We being the humans.

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