tenzears (tenzears) wrote,

Nasty nasty nasty weave pole proofing

Weave proofing

Working on poles this week. Well, since our time at Power Paws, really. Of all the things I did *not* expect to be embarassed about in public, weave poles were right up there. Yet both of my girls - master level weavers in my mind - failed some pretty important tests.

So, among my remedial skills work - poles. Being creative about how to bust them at home. This drill? This drill does it. I won't even try it with Ky who is currently experiencing some "sensitive shit". She'll be wrong. I know it. So I'm not going to do it. Ten? Ten is wrong over and over and over. I took it down to four poles; she is still utterly baffled and can't prioritize finishing the 4 poles over doing the jump.

Yes, of course. The answer is to move the jump farther away and work into it slowly, but I tellz ya, if you're looking for a way to up the ante on a really nice weaving dog so that you will believe you can do ANYTHING with poles? Try this on.

Or maybe it's just me . . .

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